hybrid drive system

High-performance modular tabletop

Amadis is a high-performance modular operating table equipped with a hybrid drive system to meet the comfort, stability, and flexibility requirements of multiple surgical specialties in the OR.

The table features a number of major functions including the flexible configuration of modular modules for a generous imaging area, optimal positioning for better articulation movements, safety design of the anti-collision interlocking system, and intuitive wireless maneuver.

Amadis Modular Operating Table
Amadis Modular Operating Table


  • Two models for choice: 4 section or 6 section tabletop with multi modules
  • Innovative one-button quick-release technology for easy and safe connectivity of modules
  • Optimal positioning of Trendelenburg /lateral tilt combination
  • Collision prevention system
  • Wireless tablet control and numerous positioning memory functions
Amadis Modular Operating Table

Modularity Equals Flexibility

Multi modules of tabletop fulfill the needs of surgical subjects and hospital conditions.


Generous Imaging Area

Up to maximum 500mm electric sliding provides good space of C-arm movements and accurate X-Ray imaging.

Amadis Modular Operating Table
Amadis Modular Operating Table

Innovative One-button Quick-release Technology For Easy and Safe Connectivity of Modules

All modules are easily, quickly and safely connected by one-button quick-release technology. Just one finger push is all it needs.


Optimal Positioning Of Trendelenburg / lateral tilt Combination

Great and optimal poisoning of Trendelenburg/reverse and lateral tilt enables a broader range of surgical options.

Amadis Modular Operating Table
Amadis Modular Operating Table

Special Uplift Head Section Design For Lateral Positioning

Head Section can be raised or lowered up to 60°, and the special uplift design enables the head section positioning for lateral positioning.


Remote Control By Wireless Tablet And Numerous Positioning Memory Functions

All table movements can be maneuvered by the wireless tablet from a distance. Unlimited tabletop positioning memory function and one-button to recall the stored positions are included to optimize the working procedures and increase efficiency.

Amadis Modular Operating Table
Table Length
Table Length (PLUS model)
Table Width (without side rails)
Table Height (without mattress)
Trendelenburg / Reverse Trend
Lateral Tilt (L / R)
Head Section (Up / Down)
Shoulder Section (Up / Down) (PLUS model only)
Back Section (Up / Down)
Leg (Up / Down)
Leg (Open / 2 plates)
Flex / Reflex (Normal)
Longitudinal Sliding
Weight Capacity
Weight Capacity (Include table articulation and sliding)
2,193 mm
2,267 mm
530 mm
660~1,210 mm
45° / 45°
35° / 35°
60° / 60°
90° / 45°
90° / 52°
90° / 90°
210° / 145°
454 kg / 1000lbs
273 kg / 600lbs
Amadis Plus
4 sections, 5 pieces
6 sections, 8 pieces

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