manual driven

Head-end centralized control

The P1080 is a manual hydraulic operating table designed for modern surgeries. The table base and kidney elevator are constructed of stainless steel and robust materials.

Equipped with X-ray cassette tunnels at the head and pelvic sections, easy for surgeons to reach and check films. The tabletop position can be adjusted precisely by the design of foot pedals.

P1080 Manual Hydraulic Surgical Table
P1080 Manual Hydraulic Surgical Table


  • 4 sections of tabletop provide a wide range of positions for all surgical procedures.
  • Easy and smooth to operate all table movements by the control cranks at the head-end position. (Leg section exception.)
  • Head-end centralized control system avoids reaching across the table looking for controls or disturbing the surgical team during surgeries.
  • The hydraulic pump-driven foot pedal enables the precise raising and lowering of the position of tabletops.
  • The leg section is detachable if needed for unlimited patient access.
P1080 Manual Hydraulic Surgical Table

Easy to Adjust the Height of Tabletops By The Foot Pedal

including the functions of LOCK, RAISE, and LOWER.


Control Cranks at the Head-end Position Smoothly Operate

all table movements and functions. (Leg section exception.)

P1080 Manual Hydraulic Surgical Table
P1080 Manual Hydraulic Surgical Table

Equipped with Internal X-ray cassette tunnels 

Internal X-ray cassette tunnels design at the head and pelvic sections facilitates X-ray photographing.


Gear Knob Design : Enables Easy Adjustment of Leg Plates.

P1080 Manual Hydraulic Surgical Table
Table Length
Table Width (without side rails)
Table Height (without mattress)
Trendelenburg/Reverse Trend
Lateral Tilt (L / R)
Head Section (Up / Down)
Back Section (Up / Down)
Leg (Up / Down)
Leg (Open / 2 plates)
Kidney Elevator
Weight Capacity
1,960 mm
500 mm
660~1,010 mm
30° / 30°
25° / 25°
30° / 90°
75° / 30°
0° / 90°
0~ 120mm
160 kg / 340lbs

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