Multifunctional operating table

Provide ultra-low tabletop and various functional model configurations

C660The C660 is a dependable and sturdy surgical table that has been enhanced for better performance. It offers interchangeable head-to-leg adjustment, which are beneficial for imaging purposes. The ultra-low tabletop is particularly advantageous for neurosurgery, ophthalmology, and plastic surgery. Surgeons value its flexibility, especially during lengthy procedures. The table's joints are user-friendly and can be easily adjusted, providing convenience for medical professionals and improving workflow efficiency.

C660 Electro-hydraulic Operating Table
C660 Electro-hydraulic Operating Table


  • Four-section tabletop, stainless steel base has a novel appearance and is easy to clean.

  • Ultra-low tabletop design for long surgical procedures.

  • Simple link design and large medical wheels for enhanced convenience.

  • Dual operating system and emergency braking for enhanced safety.

  • Interchange and head-to-leg adjustment for broader imaging

C660 Electro-hydraulic Operating Table

Interchange For Head and Leg Section Adjustment.

Sliding with a 350mm range, expanding the X-ray imaging area.
(Applicable to S model)


Simple Link Design Easy to replace

The design allows you to easily and safely replace the head and foot segment modules by pressing with your thumb.

C660 Electro-hydraulic Operating Table
C660 Electro-hydraulic Operating Table

Ulrta-Low Tabletop Design

Offering a operating table that can be lowered to a height of 520mm, our surgical solution enables surgeons to comfortably maintain a seated posture during extended procedures.
(Applicable to N model)


Carbon Fiber Kidney Elevator

Delivering exceptional X-ray transparency for superior imaging capabilities.
(Applicable to K model)

C660 Electro-hydraulic Operating Table

Base with Extensive Legroom

Providing an increased amount of foot space for added comfort and maneuverability for the user.

C660 Electro-hydraulic Operating Table
C660 Electro-hydraulic Operating Table

Orthopedic Extension Comes with a Wide Range of Compatible accessories

Offering carbon fiber or stainless steel frames have special joints for better patient positioning and easier orthopedic surgeries.

Carbon Fiber Kidney Elevator (K) (120mm)
Electrical Sliding (S) (350mm)
Auto-leveling (D)
Low Profile Tablettop (N)
Table Height (Without Mattress)
Trendelenburg / Reverse Trend
Table Length
Table Width (Without Side Rails)
Lateral Tilt (L / R)
Head Section (Up / Down)
Shoulder Section (Up / Down)
Leg (Up / Down)
Leg (Open / 2 Plates)
Flex / Reflex
Weight Capacity
C660KC660K/SC660K/SDC660K/SNDC660 /SC660 /SNC660 /SDC660 /SNDC660 /NC660 /ND
680~1,120 mm520~1,120 mm680~1,120 mm520~1,120 mm
30° / 30°26° / 26°30° / 30°26° / 26°
2,072 mm    
520 mm    
20° / 20°    
60° / 90°    
80° / 50°    
20° / 90°    
230° / 100°    
454 kg / 1000lbs    

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