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Our goal is to ensure every patient receives vital life-saving healthcare through our comprehensive operating room solutions without undue risk of operation and environmental infection or contamination. Mediland is specialized in examination lights, surgical lights, surgical tables, pendants, OR integration systems, and UV light disinfection robots, as well as operating room technologies and management solutions. We build your future operating room by optimizing workflow and environment to allow the medical team to deliver the best care to its patients.

Surgical Lights

Designed with outstanding appearance and high-efficiency lighting source, boasting high optical advantages of high illumination efficiency, longer usage life, and faithful presentation of colors, Mediland OR lighting family offers various types for selection, such as surgical light and examination light, wall-mounted & mobile, advanced LED series, and built-in and plug-in HD camera.

Operating Tables

With decades of experienced knowledge and skills, Mediland provides optimized design of a full range of operating tables for better patient positioning and support for various surgery subjects such as general, orthopedics, traumatology, cardiovascular, and urology surgeries. 

Application Accessories

Providing common and exclusive OR table accessories and support systems with functionality and flexibility.Choosing appropriate accessories is able to help to enhance better surgical site access and patient positioning, as well as the efficiency of surgery. 

Examination Lights

Pure and quality white LED lighting to help reveal the maximum perception of true tissue colors, Mediland examination lights offer easy operation for medical staff to meet the needs from the different clinics and operating rooms.

Pendant System

Mediland pendant system offers the ideal solution for equipment integration and overcrowding inside the OR. Built from special aluminum alloy that delivers reliability and durability, the system has a flexible moving range while also integrated with various gas, image, and power sockets to provide medical staff a convenient and effective medical care environment.

OR Integration System

A solution to integrate all devices in present digital ORs. Mediland OR integration systems have such functions as surgical equipment control and multimedia management, and integrate all kinds of signal sources, with video conference support. It improves the convenience and efficiency of operating rooms and helps in medical data retrieval and storage for education.

Hyper Light Disinfection Robot

Using effective UVC technology to eliminate harmful pathogens in the environment and leave a safe and clean field. Hyper Light disinfection robot is specially designed to prevent Healthcare-associated infection (HAI) for healthcare facilities by irradiating germicidal 254 nm UVC, now a new lite version is developed for the non-healthcare zone.

Disinfection to protection

Hyper Light Disinfection Robot Deliver better healthcare and safety. Your partner in infection prevention and control
Germicidal efficacy<
Germicidal efficacy

Clinically proven with the capability to eradicate harmful pathogens such as MDRO, SARS-CoV-2, bacterial spores, fungus, and viruses

Quick Disinfection<
Quick Disinfection

The patented protective reflector enhances the UVC energy by 90% to reach each position in just 5 minutes, providing a safe environment

Long Lamp Lifetime<
Long Lamp Lifetime

The lamps possess long lifetime of 12,000 hours to reduce the maintenance cost. The special coating technology emits no ozone during the operation

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As one of the leading brands in the medical industry, no matter what your market challenge is, we have comprehensive product segmentation and combination to help you find the solution. We continue expanding the global presence, meeting the needs of hospitals and health systems in various geographies around the world, providing state-of-the-art products and high-standard after-sales service for all of our clients.

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