The medical pendant is designed to release the working space of the ward, keep the equipment clean and away from the ground, so that the medical staff can operate various equipment more conveniently and help improve the overall work efficiency. Mediland’s medical pendants have covered the world, assisting in the optimization of nearly 1,000 medical spaces, and are widely used in ICU, CCU, EICU, NICU, operating room, etc. 
Pendant System


Gas-Electric Separation Design
20,000 Plug-In Tests For Gas Terminals
Modular Design
Meet The Daily Load
Multi-Slot Design
The Trachea Has Passed The CE Certification
Pendant System


  • Meets the high standard safety requirements of gas, electricity and biocompatibility.
  • Design of mixed use of wet and dry, effectively improving the use of ward space.
  • The cabinet is modularized, providing customized combination solutions.
  • The fully enclosed system design inside the box facilitates cable and gas management and cleaning.
  • High expandability, modularized clamping slot design of the cabinet, to meet the installation and use of a variety of accessories.
Pendant System

Streamlined Design That Meets The Requirements Of Laminar Flow Purification

The cantilevered rhombus design reduces the influence of turbulence. The double-layer structure inside and outside makes the whole structure more stable and safe.


The Suspension Bridge Adopts Linear Slide Rail Design, Which Is Convenient For Clinical Use

The beam rails are made of solid aluminum, linear ball-type sliding rails, which move smoothly in use, and also provide high loading and good durability.

Pendant System
Pendant System

Cantilever 340°Rotates, Easy Operation To Improve Space Utilization

The tower body is equipped with shelves, drawers, gas interfaces, power sockets and information interfaces, etc., which can integrate diagnostic equipment, patient monitors, medical ventilators, infusion stands, syringe pumps, and medical staff can provide large-angle rotation within the operating range. , To enhance more medical space.


The Design Of Staggered Holes And Different Colors Makes It Easy To Identify And Does Not Interfere With Each Other.

The cross-plating design avoids mutual interference during terminal use, making it safer for clinical use. Different gas terminals have unique interface shapes and colors to avoid misoperation and not interfere with their respective pipeline spaces.

Pendant System
Pendant System

High Handling And Safety Brake Design

Three hybrid brake systems are used, damping brakes, pneumatic brakes, and electromagnetic brakes to make the tower move smoothly and accurately position it.


Professional Equipment Planner For Pendant (Boom) System, Assisting Complex Medical Environment To Maximize Flexibility

Consider the needs of medical care, energy saving, and safety, and correctly plan the equipment at the required location, so as to obtain a more comfortable work experience and higher work efficiency. 

Pendant System


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