Operating Room Integration System


The operating room environment is complex and has limited space now. 
Many different medical devices are gathering into the O.R. routine. 
This Operating Room Integration System supports you in optimizing the surgery environment and expands its space. 
Operating Room Integration System is the key to streamline workflow and improve surgery efficiency by integrated equipments and resources into an interface. 

10+ Years of Experiences 
Integrate 200+ Rooms
Service Orientation
Support 5000+ Operations
OR Integration System

With Integration System, the resources in operating room are no longer been limited within the room space. Videos are shared in-real-time, communications happened in multi-space, and these data supports for training and retention of local talent are recorded by the system.

By a single interface, video and audio system, surgical light, surgical table are all under control. The processes in record, which reduces the workload of medical staffs, improves the quality of medical services, plans comprehensive hospice care for the people, and improves medical standards and operating efficiency.


Key Areas


Adapted to PACS-
Support converting images and videos to DICOM format which allows the upload to PACS.

High resolution-
Support 4K video source and display.

Multi viewing ways-
Switchable to PiP / PaP / Quad view on a monitor 

Multi transfer routes-
Ethernet cable, optical fiber, and Matrix are supported.

Multi Connections-
Support various medical equipments imaging (endoscope, microscope, robotic equipment, etc.) 

Record in-real-time-
Up to 4 channels could be record at a time.


Built-in sound system-
Soundbar / Ceiling speakers

Real time meeting-
Operation process could be streamed to the conference room in real time fulfill training & consultation purposes.

O.R. broadcasting-
Support online conference, online meeting software. 

Service Orientation

Operating room hardware:

Surgical light-
On / off, intensity, pattern, color temperature, MIS, etc.

Surgical table-
Sliding, flex / reflex, upper / lower height, etc.

Light integrated camera-
Zoom in / out, turn

External camera, PTZ-
Follow VISCA protocol

Control at remote

Project Consulting

  1. A Project Consultant from our team is assigned to each O.R. integration project.
  2. Assessment of environment and existing equipments.
  3. Confirm requirements and provide conceptual layout, network and routing diagrams
  1. Installation of Mediland’s products (hard and software) by qualified technicians.
  2. Complete product education and training.
  3. Customized user workflow if require.
  1. Support with certified technical service engineers.
  2. Problem solving by remote connection operations.
  3. Warranty of original manufacturer.

Installation Case

A glance at global installation cases.

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