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Release time:May.21.2021

Focusing on innovation and user experience, we have prepared for a year. 

In the event, we will launch the novel C800 Electro-hydraulic operating table and SunLED series surgical lights in the 

first quarter of 2021 to provide more optimized solutions for the operating room 

and make your workflow more efficient.

C800 Electro-Hydraulic Operating Table

Tailored for all-purpose surgeries

C800 is the revolution of the proven C Series of operating tables, which has been known for its quality, stability, and flexibility on the market for more than decades.

Integrated with more than 30 years of expertise and clinical experience in the OR, Mediland presents a novel C800 Electro-Hydraulic Operating Table to the market.

From its compact and delicate appearance to its distinctive features, C800 allows more precise positioning and speed control to improve work-flow and the safety of patients.

Reinvent the standard

.Providing innovative force with a dynamic experience

High flexible to meet all surgical demand

To work in an efficient and smart way

Speed control to optimize operating experience

Feel in control


.Provide multiple control methods according to user habits

SunLED LED Surgical Lights

Shine the best visual field for surgeon

SunLED is created from Clover’s appearance with a graceful and smooth shape in 3 leaves or 4 leaves. Thanks to calibrated precision of angles for each leaf, and the best allocation of multi-light source and multi-modules, SunLED mixes the light to achieve the perfect optics performance.

It provides an excellent surgical circumstance for the surgeon. It not only prevents the operation wound get injure or dry out due to the radiation heat but also ensures a comfortable temperature for the surgeon while their heads are around the light source.

SunLED is designed for general operation rooms and combines qualified OL features, which include natural white color temperature, great shadowless performance, and sufficient pattern size.

Ideal choice for bright

.Various solutions for smart & intuitive control

Perfect shape for laminar flow

The camera is convenient for teaching and recording during the operation

Simple and fast to meet light demand

More details please refer to our product segment.