Artemis.  Elegant , Modern , and Reliable

The Artemis surgical table comes with a sleek design that integrates durability and functionality. It adopts innovative technology for the modern OR that provides a high degree of flexibility and efficiency while ensuring safety of patients and medical staff. The Artemis surgical table is built to be the most reliable and trusted partner under any operating environments.




Reverse Orientation for maximizing radio-translucent area

Interchangeable head and leg section offer flexible patient positioning and generous imaging area up to 1163mm. Optional extension section is available for increased coverage up to 1373 mm thus allowing ample space for C-Arm coverage and accurate X-Ray imaging.




Table Adjustment Control 

The electro-hydraulic table positioning can be controlled by a tablet, hand control, or an auxiliary control unit. The system is designed to cut off power to the hand control after 70 seconds of inactivity to prevent accidental table movements.




Simple User Interface

Easy-to-read buttons provide all kinds of functions including a preset “Chair position” and adjustable “height memory” setting. Either “height memory” or “chair position “is recalled with a simple push of a button. The Artemis is equipped with digital technology to accurately detect table position.